Needing to Focus

I understand the feeling of being torn in all directions.I am a grandmother who is the daily caregiver for my two granddaughters, a part time teacher at the local community college and also a member of two bible groups. However, I am now concentrating on my passion,and started my writing career two years ago. ( Letters from Mom- a Daughter’s Journal of Healing) Finding the time for me means asking God daily to give me strength and courage to do what He wants me to do.

Women Making Strides

“Listen for the call of your destiny, and when it comes, release your plans and follow.”
― Mollie Marti

image of woman end of summer Photo from

The end of summer always makes me feel restless. I ask myself what do I want to do this fall? Some activities are a given: my work as church librarian. Being a community coordinator with my husband for Worldwide Marriage Encounter. Going to adoration, a weekly prayer service, and Sunday Mass. I firmly believe in exercise, so I will continue to walk every day. And let’s not forget Weight Watchers meetings! I need that support.

But what about the local women’s club, which I was part of for the past two years? What about Bible Study, which is taught at a local convent by an extremely knowledgeable nun? I enjoyed her class last year, and she is offering another course this fall. What about my faith sharing group…

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  1. Susan Ekins says:

    Joyce, you’re a busy woman. Glad you’re concentrating on your passion and asking God for courage. I’ll add that to my prayers too. Thank you much for re-blogging my post.


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