It’s Never Too Late!

It’s never too late to start over, no matter where you are in life. What does your future hold for you? Maybe you are ready to make a change in your life due to a new job, new home, new significant other or illness or unexpected job loss. How do you get through it and “start over”?
Getting rid of unwanted items (decluttering) helps you symbolically and physically move on in life. If you decide to move, due to a job change, divorce, or the need to downsize to a smaller home, you may have to let go of some furniture and accessories. Julie Morgenstern’s book, Shed Your Stuff, Change Your Life, helps give you guidelines on how to :
1) Separate the treasures
2) Heave the trash
3) Embrace your Identity
4) Drive Yourself forward
Think of what items from your past you have saved and are not ready to let go. What can you give to family and friends that you cannot keep in your new apartment or home? Whatever brings you positive memories and holds meaning for you- that is your treasure. Hold on to the past only if you honor it and not out of obligation. Do not keep items out of guilt or because some relative or friend gave it you. You deserve to have a comfortable and beautiful living space. Your mother’s sofa may not fit your style and over time your tastes change.
“Heave the trash” means letting go of memories but if you don’t have the space in your new home, you can always take photos and make a scrapbook of those special items you inherited from your relatives. Sets of china no longer used can be a welcome donation to a women’s shelter or sold on ebay. You aren’t the same person you were twenty years ago when you first bought that set of dishes.
How do you “embrace your new identity” after a divorce or change in relationship? What skills or hobbies have you done in the past and have put off over the years? “Invest” in yourself, and pick up those activities again. I always liked to write during my college years and now in my middle age years, started that hobby again. I joined a local writers’ group, started a blog and published my first book! (Letters from Mom- a Daughter’s Journal of Healing)
“Drive yourself forward” means to try something new, at least one hobby or activity you have never done before. Try a book club or volunteer at a local library or hospital. Maybe an athletic activity like bicycling or hiking could work for you. It’s never too late to start your new life so go for it!

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