Remember the Good times!


I saw this cat photo from a friend of mine, Kay Clark, the author of the book Sebastian & Me, a Rite of Passage and Spiritual Journey. Kay wrote about losing her cat when he ran away but never gave up hope he would return. As a cat lover, I found the book fascinating, not only through the eyes of her cat Sebastian, but through Kay’s faith that he would someday come home.
The caption of the photo said “Remember the Good Times!” and that’s good advice for all of us. As a cat lover so I could instantly relate to the two cats lying next to one another in the photo as I have had several cats over the years. My cat Brownie, was a tan tabby like the one in the photo lived for 21 years before a kidney failure took him. His friend, Smokey, like the grey tabby in the picture was my daughter’s companion growing up. He let her put him in a doll stroller, take him for a walk; let her put a scarf around his neck and dress him up. A few times, he even sat in a cardboard box while she pulled him around the house. Over time I learned that each cat has a unique personality. Some are friendly, some are shy, some are bold but the ones who touch our hearts live with us forever.
We adopted Tiny, my only female cat, from the local animal shelter after losing Smokey and Brownie. She loved going outside and sometimes even followed us when we went for a walk. She was a “people” cat, who loved to socialize. When we had family parties, she sat next to my brother or sister, wherever she could find room. She was the cat I brought to visit my mother when she was in a nursing home and sat patiently on her bed. Whenever I was sad or my daughter was crying, she came and sat by us. Cats can sense our moods and are like guardian angels in that some of them truly comfort us when we need it most.
We all can relate to the above photo as it not only as remembering our pets but as people remembering the good times! As we lose our loved ones, we have still have the memories through old photos. I have different memories of my parents now that both are gone. Dad had Alzheimer’s disease, but even over time, he still enjoyed the cat who lived in the nursing home that came to visit him. I choose to remember the “good times” with my father when I reminisce. When we were notified Dad had a short time to live, we came to stay with him. As he lay dying in his room, a cat came in and jumped on the bed as if to keep watch and comfort us! Always remember the good times!

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