Best Day Ever! ( from the Grandma Diaries)

Those are the words my three year old granddaughter, Katie, told me the other day when we were out together, just the two of us. Her older sisters are in school fulltime so I watch my granddaughters part time now. I keep her busy with the weekly story time at the local library, or take her to the park when the weather is nice. I am a retired teacher and like to do art projects or I read to her. The one errand I let her help me is shopping.
This is my third “rodeo” as I have been the babysitter for the girls on and off the last few years since they were born. Now seeing Katie develop before my eyes is amazing!
When we walked into Walmart, she already knows she gets a “free” cookie if she “helps” me with the food shopping (courtesy of the bakery department). This time she picked out the shopping cart that has a large seat for toddlers that faces the front of the cart so it seems like she is driving. I found it difficult to maneuver but she was thrilled, saying, “This is like a ride!”
As I surveyed my list of items to buy, I pushed the cart down the aisle and let her put them in the cart. (“Throw” is the operative word here.) Thank fully none of the items are breakable: Toilet paper, canned soup, a bag of onions, a box of Cheerios, frozen corn, etc.) She had fun when I let her take some of the items off the shelf herself.
The clerk at the self- check aisle smiled as we pulled up to the register. Katie knew the drill about scanning the labels and started handing me the food. “Here! she said as she tossed me the toilet paper.
She had climbed into the cart and moved faster and faster so I could hardly keep up with her. “Here! Here!” she kept saying til I told her to slow down .I watched the screen to make sure every item got scanned while the clerk near smiled saying “What a good helper you have!”
After I bagged and paid for them, I zipped up our coats and started out the door. I thought of how many times I did this with her sisters when they were at that age. Appreciate the moment, I thought to myself, as she will only be three years old a short time. When we got to my car, I lifted Katie out of the cart. She yelled “Best day ever!” Yes, I thought to myself as I put the food in the car, it is the best day ever!

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1 Response to Best Day Ever! ( from the Grandma Diaries)

  1. Monica Lee says:

    Now that I’m a grandmother, I appreciate stories like this. You should think about writing about the art projects you do with your girls (and maybe show pictures of the resulting art!).


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