The Four Watches



They were lying in my jewelry drawer alongside some costume jewelry, souvenirs of days gone by, from my youth, teen years through young adult, outdated and no longer useful. Yet, I still kept them. Wristwatches were in style when I was a teen before cell phones existed. Girls wore them as jewelry like bracelets. One was a gift from my first boyfriend, Westclox brand with a gold colored oval clock face that looked pretty on my wrist, dainty and delicate. I remember taking it off when I washed the dishes at home, careful not to get it wet.
Several years later while I was in college, another boyfriend gave me a watch as a gift. Similar in style, in gold colored oval clock face with quartz movement, with the stretchy metal band. I felt impressed he would give me such an unexpected gift. At first I tried to turn him down as I felt I didn’t want him to spend that much money on me. I felt special when I wore it, but over time felt it wasn’t practical as I had to take it off every time I washed my hands or washed the dishes.
Some years later, I decided to update my jewelry wardrobe and bought a more modern wristwatch for myself. The third gold colored watch‘s face is slightly larger than the first two with a wider flat band. I still kept those other three watches in my jewelry box as mementos of happy days gone by.
The oldest watch that means the most to me is the silver toned round faced shock resistant Walthem wrist watch. My father bought it for me as a gift and it wasn’t even my birthday. Styled a little like a man’s wristwatch, it has the flat metal wristband that does not stretch but clasps together. I remember wearing it, proud he thought of me, and now it has become a memento of him.
Now, few people wear wrist watches as we have cell phones that keep the time, weather, emails, photos, etc, to the point most of us hardly ever take our eyes off of them. They have become addictions for some people.
Everyone has some item in a keepsake or jewelry drawer that brings back memories. Take a look at yours and if it doesn’t bring positive memories, let it go. My watches remind me of some good times, so back in the jewelry drawer they will go. Maybe someday my granddaughters will look at them and wonder why grandma kept them? They might even come back in style!


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