The Magic Stones

If you like to decorate or make flower arrangements , you will recognize the clear glass stones used in flower vases. Sometimes these are used in the bottom to support artificial flowers. I have also used them in potting soil to decorate the top of the dirt. At one time, I used them and then dumped a vase of flowers outside with the stones accidentally in the dirt. While gardening, I have found various clear glass stones in the garden when I was digging up weeds or transplanting flowers. I bought more clear glass stones for an art project for my granddaughters, Julie, (9) Lauren, (6) and Katie(4) Then I got the idea to toss then in various flowers beds around my backyard. This way when they played in the yard or helped me weed, they might find them.
Now when I work with the girls in the yard, I told them how I had lost some stones in the dirt but when I move my plants or dig a hole for a new flower, I find the clear stone. I told them it was God reminding me He is there.
Look Grandma, God is here! Julie said the other day when she found the glass stone.
They get such a kick out of helping me weed in the garden because they never know when they will find a stone. Yesterday, I told the girls go around the front and back yards to see how many stones you can find. Lauren found 4!
I get a bigger kick out of it when I find one! I weed so often in the summer, it gets tiring but just when I am about to quit, I see lying in the dirt a small round clear glass stone.
Aren’t we all big kids at heart?) I really believe it is a little reminder that, Yes, God is always around us, if we would only remember!

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