God Calling!

It was a typical day where I babysit two of my granddaughters (nine months old and 4 years old). I watched the baby in the morning at my house then drove her to pick up her sister from preschool in the afternoon. I got the 4 year old, Katie in the car and went to start the engine. There was lots of clicking noise but no ignition. Luckily, I was in the parking lot of the school right next to the church. I immediately called my daughter who works from home and lives 5 minutes away to come pick up the kids. I explained the situation and then called AAA to get a tow. I needed to get the car towed back to where I live to get repaired.
The person on the phone said the tow truck would arrive in forty minutes. The temperature outside was just above freezing and the car was getting cold. After the children were picked up, I realized I was parked next to the church and decided to go in to get warm. This was not my parish church but the church where my daughter and her family attend. I went to several masses over the years there and each baptism for my four granddaughters.
There was a calming affect I felt when I walked in and sat down. I brought the book I was currently reading I had in the car while I waited for the tow truck. I happened to have that book in my car as I was planning to show it to my daughter. The title is “Angels and Heroes” by Robert Leslie, M.D. (also author of “Angels in the ER”.)
Well, is this how my day will turn out? After thirty minutes, I went outside to check on the car and I got a text update that the tow truck would arrive another forty five minutes later. I was grateful to have the church to warm up and went to light some candles. Slowly I realized that I had not “kept in touch” with God lately.
As my daily devotion book , “Jesus Calling “ by Sarah Young stated, “You will always face trouble in this life. But more importantly, you will have Me with you helping you to handle whatever you encounter.”
After two hours , the AAA van showed up and the woman tested my car’s battery . In less than twenty minutes, she replaced the old battery with a new one, and the car started. No tow was needed and I was able to go on my way.
The church was my refuge, and there couldn’t have been a better outcome to the whole situation. God called and I realized I had neglected to keep in touch. Thank you , God!

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