More Than a Coincidence: True Stories of Divine Intervention

More Than a Coincidence Cover Low RezMysterious angels who appear when you need them most, a dream that helped save a life, a voice from beyond the grave—these are just a few of the “coincidences” in the stories shared in More Than a Coincidence: True Story of Divine Intervention (March 2015). For some people, these are signs from a relative who has passed, connections to the “real world,” showing that we are always loved.

Joyce Kocinski has compiled a collection of stories that encourage you to notice the miracles around you that happen every day. The contributors in the anthology share their sometimes heartbreaking testimonies to inspire us and strengthen our faith. You may think of what path you are on in your life and how there are guiding hands to lead you along the way.

Letters from Mom: A Daughter’s Journal of Healing

Letter From Mom by Joyce KocinskiJoyce Madeline Kocinski’s inspirational book Letters from Mom: A Daughter’s Journal of Healing (2013) is based on the grief journal she wrote the year after her mother’s death. In it, she combines her journal and the letters her mother wrote to her over the last few years. Her faith is strengthened and as she rereads these letters, she finds new hope that her mother’s spirit lives on.

Here is an excerpt:

We have a psychic connection! When you were in the hospital and in pain, you called out “Joycey!”- my name. 11:00 pm that night in my bed I heard your voice. I was half asleep. I said “I’m coming” only to realize you weren’t there. I asked you the next day if you called my name and you said. “Yes.” How amazing I heard you.

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