Joyce Kocinski, teacher,artist and freelance writer, has taught workshops to a variety of organizations including community colleges and senior centers. She has several topics to present including:

  • Journaling as Healing: This interactive workshop will help you move forward in life through journaling, where you learn to process negative feelings, deal with stress and develop an “attitude of gratitude.”
  • Clearing Clutter: How to Let Go and Move Forward in Life: Learn how old habits can be changed and when you decide to let go of items that hold you back, you can enjoy the positive energy in your life.
  • More Than a Coincidence: Ever had an experience where you were in the right place at the right time? Maybe you felt like your guardian angel was watching over you. This workshop will share some stories that will strengthen your faith and renew your spirit. After hearing what the author has written and collected, you can decide whether there is any such thing as “coincidence.” Come to share a story of your own although sharing is optional

Contact Joyce at joycekocinski@gmail.com  for scheduling and speaking rates.

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