I grew up in Chicago with five siblings raised by a stay at home mom and a father who was a Police Sergeant. Mom devoted her life to us, had an artistic mind and always wanted to be a writer. Dad was raised in the Catholic religion and sent us to Catholic schools and took us to weekly Mass. My faith is my rock. Best parts of the year were summer camping trips to Wisconsin and Michigan. I always loved to write and and have kept journals about important times in my life.Family history is another hobby which culminated in a trip to Poland several years ago.

Besides geneaology, gardening is my passion. I have worked in oil paintings (see Artwork page).

This blog is about my insights on life as a woman who lived through “women’s lib” and became a wife, mother and grandmother.  I write on topics that describe my feelings about faith, family, and life in general. Writing is my first love and always will be.

After my mother died, I wrote a journal to help me process my grief. That journal — combined with letters she had written to me over the years — became the subject of my first book, “Letters from Mom – a Daughter’s Journal of Healing,” available on Amazon. To follow news about my book and posts about writing, follow me here at https://joycekocinski.wordpress.com.

“More Than a Coincidence- True Stories of Divine Inspiration”, my second book, an anthology of various stories about faith and life. We all experienced events in our life that seem ” more than a coincidence”. If you have one to share with me, please contact me at jkocinski@wowway.com. You may become a contributor to Volumne 2.


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  1. ashdapoet says:

    Just followed your blog. Good stuff. Feel free to follow mine as well at http://pocketsfullofloveblog.wordpress.com/


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